MTS Nutrition is based in Ohio and began by bodybuilder Marc Lobliner in 2011.?They offer about 30 different supplements that include standard whey proteins and proteins as well as stimulants and hormonal natural supplements. We chose to take particular notice at their creatine.

MTS Nutrition Creatine Ingredients

There’s only one ingredient here: creatine monohydrate, with 5 grams per serving. There are no sugar substitutes, flavors, or even anti-caking agents.

MTS Nutrition Creatine Ingredients

MTS Nutrition Creatine Benefits & Effectiveness

Creatine has a strong link to increased muscle size, output, and endurance, as well as some possible neurological benefits. Creatine monohydrate is the most popular and well researched type of creatine, and while some companies attempt to popularize other kinds like pH-buffered creatine or creatine hydrochloride, there’s no definitive proof that anything is more effective than regular creatine monohydrate.

Some might be glad to understand that MTS uses Creapure? brand creatine. Creapure includes a reputation as one of the most high quality creatines on the planet: it’s produced in a dedicated facility in Germany, it’s tested for impurities and banned substances in the German Olympic Training Center in Berlin, and they have a litany of other quality controls to assist ensure purity.

MTS also gets their product 3rd party tested for impurities, so that may provide some comfort as far as banned substances go, designed for competitive athletes.

MTS Nutrition Creatine Review

MTS Nutrition Creatine Price

You can select up a 400-gram tub of 80 servings for $15. That’s about 19 cents per serving or 3.8 cents per gram. That’s a good price for creatine along with a?great?price for Creapure – this can be the cheapest I’ve seen it.

The Takeaway

This isn’t a perfect supplement – it doesn’t have extra ingredients, it doesn’t come with a scoop, and it’s not the least expensive creatine on the market. But if you’re searching for Creapure, this might be the least expensive spot to think it is.

MTS Nutrition Creatine Powdewr

Per Serving; $0.19 9.2








  • Cheap for Creapure?
  • No artificial ingredients
  • 3rd party tested


  • Pricier than regular monohydrate
  • No scoop
  • No extra ingredients (eg. BCAAs, carbs, etc)

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