We’ve been spending considerable time talking about the insane back workouts that Sylvester Stallone is pulling off (or pulling down) in his seventies, but it’s definitely worth pointing out that he’s not the only kind-of-old-let’s-be-honest Hollywood celebrity with excellent back strength.

William Hall Macy is 68 years of age and made legless rope climb that many guys about 20 couldn’t manage. For a guy that has described himself as “sort of the Middle American, WASPy, Lutheran kind of guy… Everyman,” he’s displaying some pretty elite fitness. Take a look at the footage below, which was filmed at CrossFit Ephrata in Pennsylvania.

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William H Macy crushing a rope climb this morning at our gym! Excellent guy! He is in great shape- 68 years old and doing legless rope climbs. Pretty!

That was all the way to the ceiling and all the way down with no breaks, no apparent exhaustion, with no complaints. That looked positively effortless.

How do you execute a legless rope climb? It’s a much more complicated than simply carrying out a large amount of pull-ups: the fitness required to hoist the body up a rope without while using legs requires exponentially more grip strength and stability.

If you’re envious of William H. Macy’s climbing prowess – a sentence we i never thought we’d write – think about using progressions to enhance your rope climb. You can begin without even leaving the ground, lowering your body from standing to lying like this.

Once you need to try climbing the rope itself, a lot of people neglect to discover the particulars of a proper foot lock – but there’s more to it than just pushing your feet together on each side of the rope. From Jake Boly’s article on rope climb progressions:

Begin by wrapping the rope from inside from the leg over the outside the ankle. Once the rope is on the outside of the ankle, bring it back inside the ankle towards the middle of your foot.

Keep your leg bent at about 90 degrees, as this will work as a step. Any time you climb a bit, you will need to re-wrap the foot with the rope, which can be tricky, so be patient with this particular method.

Start your pursuit for any Macy-level rope climb with one of these progressions, and there’ll be no stopping you.