And just like that, we’re within the second week of the 2018 CrossFit? Open. This week’s Open workout 18.2 entails two regions of fitness to test an athlete’s physical capacities: Muscular endurance and maximal strength. Yesterday, we got to determine 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games third place finisher Patrick Vellner undertake fourth place Noah Ohlsen within an epic showdown.

Check out the workout below. We advise reading through it several times to get a full understanding of what this workout entails.

Start: Of course, athletes begin a 3, 2, 1 countdown before beginning the workout.

18.2:?An ascending couplet ladder from 1 to 10 reps each one of the following movements:

  • Dumbbell Squats (with two dumbbells)
  • Bar-Facing-Burpees

18.2A:?1 Rep Max Barbell Clean

This workouts are for time with a 12 minute time cap. After completing 18.2, athletes possess the all the 12 minute time cap to find a 1 rep max clean. Men use 50 pound dumbbells, women use 35 pound dumbbells. Athletes who don’t complete 18.2 underneath the 12 minute cap will get a zero on 18.2A.

Movement Standards

This workout entails two separate workouts (18.2 and 18.2a) and the movement standards should be fully understood prior to starting the workout. Below we’ve included CrossFit’s descriptive video and movement standard notes below to learn effectively to understand.

Notes On 18.2 and 18.2a Movement Standards


  • Dumbbell squats can start the top and athletes may muscle clean in to the squat.
  • At the underside, the hip crease must go below parallel to count as a rep, along with full hip and knee extension towards the top of the squat to accomplish a rep.
  • Burpees must be performed facing the barbell inside a perpendicular position.
  • Jumps within the barbell must be performed with both feet as well as an athletes must land with both feet (plates should be standard-height bumper plates).
  • Unless scaled, athletes may not step forward or back, and both your feet must jump back simultaneously during the burpee.


  • All cleans start with the barbell on the floor.
  • Power, squat, and split cleans are permitted, but hang clean are not, and reps are complete when an athlete stands fully up with the load.

Both work outs are scored separately, however in the big event of the match weight on workout 18.2a, then your tiebreak will be an athlete’s time of completion on 18.2.

CrossFit Open Workout 18.2 Tips

1. Nicole Carroll – Mental Prep and Warm-Up

Nicole Carroll points out that this workout is a bit more stressful with an athlete’s mentality due to the ascending portion, then the maximal strength aspect. She recommends warming-up with a clean weight that you’re planning to open with, and bearing in mind that it’s likely to feel heavier than your warm-up due to fatigue.

2. Craig Richey – Find Your Pace

CrossFit athlete Craig Richey also pointed out that this workout is going to be an enormous mental battle and require lots of grit. Certainly one of his main tips ended up being to look for a pace that permits you to perform 18.2 fast, although not need a lot of rest time moving into the clean portion. Performing a few practice rounds wouldn’t be considered a bad idea before taking this one on.

3. Brooke Ence – Dumbbell Placement and Movement Standards

CrossFit athlete Brooke Ence highlights that understanding the movements standards fully will be a huge do or die for several athletes. She advises athletes to determine the dumbbell placement on the shoulder for the squats that stresses the shoulder minimal, as this might help save energy for workout 18.2a.

4. Cole Sager – Transitions and Lifters

CrossFit athlete Cole Sager emphasized around the importance of fast transitions in 18.2. He points out that actually nailing transitions between the faster rounds of 1-7 can be a huge do or die for your time.

Also, he mentions when you’re likely to switch into lifting shoes for 18.2a, then record the first clean before doing so because this can help you log a score while providing you with a fast rest.

5. Brute Strength – Open With 75% Around the Cleans

Brute Strength coaches Nick Fowler and Adrian Conway advise opening with a clean that is roughly a 75% 1-RM work for balance you. They point out that competitive athletes (sub 5-minutes in 18.2) may have about 4-5 attempts, which means this weight is a good starting place to avoid overloading the system too fast.

Open Workout 18.2 Takeaways

All of the videos above offered slightly different takes to locate successes for that two Open workouts 18.2 and 18.2a. Stuff that seem to be of the very most importance are completely a strong mentality, understanding the standards, quick transitions, as well as your opening weight around the 1-RM clean.

While every video offered slightly different takes, there was one consistent piece of advice which was to approach the workout having a tough mentality.