Payroll Services OnPay reviews

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Payroll Services OnPay reviews

OnPay is a cloud-based payroll solution that helps small businesses automate tax filing and payment workflows. Key features include employee self onboarding, new hire reporting, automated payroll taxes and scheduled payroll runs.OnPay provides an employee portal for updating information, onboarding and access to past payroll and tax forms. Businesses can track employee PTO, vacation and sick leave. The solution provides a document library for storing contracts and employee notes. It offers integration with third party applications such as Xero, QuickBooks, Guideline, Humanity, Kabbage and more.

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With OnPay, you can access all the tools for the same price and its cloud-hosted software is easy to use. Payroll can be completed in minutes and the software interface is clearly labelled and easy to understand and learn. Finally, OnPay offers excellent customer service. In our analysis of payroll providers, the company’s support was one of the best we received. It is for these reasons and more that OnPay is our choice for the best online payroll software for small businesses with up to 10 employees.The monthly cost of OnPay consists of two parts: a basic fee of $36, which you pay regardless of the number of employees you have, and then a fee of $4 per employee. The base fee remains the same each month; this is the overall staff cost that increases or decreases depending on your staffing levels.

One of the benefits of OnPay is that the first month of service is free. You can sign up and run several payrolls to ensure you like the software and it meets your needs.OnPay recently announced a partnership with Highstreet to produce an Accounts Payable Automation tool that can be used in conjunction with the Oracle NetSuite ERP platform. Accounts Payable Automation reduces the time and costs associated with running payroll for employees and contractors – so if your business uses Oracle NetSuite, these tools from OnPay can provide you with a strategic advantage.

The software automatically calculates each worker’s pay based on their pay rate and hours worked. All you have to do is enter the hours worked by each employee and any bonuses or commissions they receive. It withholds the appropriate taxes and any other deductions, such as health insurance or other benefits. Any number of payrolls can be run each month as required. This allows you to set up different pay periods for different employee types, which may be beneficial to businesses that pay full and part-time employees as well as freelancers or other contractors.

OnPay automatically calculates your payroll taxes; fills out and submits the required local, state and federal forms; and pays the appropriate amount to each agency. OnPay guarantees that taxes will be paid correctly and on time. OnPay assumes full responsibility in the event of an error. The company fixes the error and pays any penalties resulting from the error. By direct deposit, salaries are automatically deposited into each employee’s bank account two days after the payroll is processed. If your employees prefer paper cheques, you can print them using your company’s printer. A third option is to have the money automatically deposited to a prepaid debit card. Once the money is deposited on the card, the employee has full access to the funds.

While we were impressed with OnPay, there are a couple of things that could be drawbacks depending on your needs. Firstly, OnPay lacks a mobile app. While its website is mobile friendly, some mobile users prefer to use the app. Another drawback is that OnPay charges a fee for printing year-end tax forms. Many of the other services we evaluated do not charge an additional fee to provide your business or your employees with a W-2 or 1099.

OnPay provides customer support by phone between 9am and 8pm (Eastern Time) Monday to Friday. In addition, the OnPay website offers live chat and a knowledge base containing detailed answers to many frequently asked questions.

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