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Be Your Own PT: A Proven 10-Week Weight Training & Diet Program For Your Self-Transformation (Strength Training 101)

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You’ve already figured out that strength training is the best way to burn fat, develop lean muscle, and get in great shape.

But what exercises should you focus on? How many sets of each exercises? What about repetitions…rest periods…rest days?

Then there’s all the conflicting advice out there on diet and supplements in a very noisy health and fitness world.

The biggest problem of all? Finding an approach to weight training that you actually enjoy – and a diet that can be maintained in the long term.

Most men and women don’t – that’s why their attempts at achieving their fitness goals often end in failure and frustration.

You don’t have to trudge through mind-numbing, repetitive gym workouts, or spend a fortune on personal trainers, or torture yourself with strict diet plans that you hate.

It should be the complete opposite.

How does an exciting workout program where you continually challenge yourself and look forward to every gym session sound?

How about a well-structured set-up that’s focuses on you smashing personal bests and achieving what you never thought was possible in the gym?

And do you like the idea a healthy diet approach that doesn’t ban all your tasty foods?

It’s all here in this book where Marc McLean, author of the Strength Training 101 book series and online fitness coach, lays out his full 10-week weight training program, step by step.

In Be Your Own PT, Marc shares:

  • The exact gym workout plans he uses with clients.
  • Pictures and links to video demonstrations of every exercise.
  • His unique approach to diet that you’ll never struggle with.
  • The three foundations of every successful workout program.
  • A week-by-week plan of action that you can follow along in the gym.
  • A series of positive habits that you introduce each week and build upon.
  • A bonus guide on natural supplements that can help you achieve your fitness goals quicker.
  • Real life success stories of people who achieved great results following this very program.

The book’s client transformation stories are not fake, hyped-up tales of people covered in fake tan and flashing six pack abs.

No, it’s genuine stories of people you can relate to that have faced the same fitness struggles you may be facing now – and overcame them.

These stories will help inspire you into action where you can Be Your Own PT…and become a leaner, stronger, better version of yourself.

Get started by ordering your copy today.

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