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Behind the Facade: A Mental Health Memoir

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Raw, real, and heartbreakingly honest, Behind the Facade is one woman’s journey of overcoming everyday trauma.

To the outside world, Lauren Bartleson had it all: her dream job, an award-winning blog, and a picture-perfect marriage. Online and in person, she put on a smile, trying to convince herself as much as others that she was okay. In reality, she was anything but.

Behind the facade, Lauren was struggling to manage two autoimmune diseases, insomnia, chronic anxiety, deep depression, debilitating pain, and the long-term effects of extreme bullying, betrayal, and losing her soulmate. In her darkest moments, she considered suicide on a daily, often hourly, basis. No one, not even her family, knew how much she was suffering.

In Behind the Facade: A Mental Health Memoir, Lauren pulls back the curtain, giving a glimpse into the memories that she buried deep inside, never to see the light of day. By sharing the stories that are helping her heal, Lauren hopes to do her part in breaking the stigma around mental health and inspire others to feel less alone in their journey.

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