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Essential Antimicrobial and Infectious Disease Pocket Guide: For Adults

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This 4 x 6 inch Antimicrobial and Infectious Disease guide fits easily into your pocket and contains a wealth of handy information for the hospitalist, ambulist, medical student, PA student, or nursing student regarding the area of adult infectious disease. In 120 pages, it contains well over 200 topics. It has updated information and includes antimicrobial choices and dosing. It covers information from 24 different areas of infectious disease in chapters including basic micro, antimicrobial agents, cardiovascular, EENT, FUO, fungal, GI, GU, Healthcare related, IV drug use, musculoskeletal, neuro, parasites, pulmonary, septic shock, skin and soft tissue, vaccines, herpes viruses, zoonoses, antimicrobial costs, safety of antimicrobials in pregnancy, and dosing antimicrobials when renal impairment is present. The pearls in this over 100 page text will help you navigate in your patient care encounters.

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