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INTERMITTENT FASTING FOR WOMEN OVER 50: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners to Heal the Body, Lose Weight, Feel Good, and Slow Aging with Healthy Recipes for Your Fasting Journey

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Are you about to change your life with Intermittent Fasting?

Are you struggling with menopause and would like to return to loving yourself by getting back in shape and reversing the aging clock?

Imagine being free to consume anything you like nearly every day of the week and also gaining weight by restricting the diet to one or two days at a time.

You’ve arrived at the PERFECT spot!

And if you’re over 50 and believe there is little way for you to remain in shape, this book was designed especially to help you regulate your weekly energy consumption without exerting too much effort!

Since women’s bodies are more vulnerable to hormone shifts than men’s, changes in behavior are critical for women in their fifties. If you’re having trouble gaining weight on a traditional diet, maybe the issue isn’t what you’re consuming but when you’re eating.
That’s where Intermittent Fasting comes in – it’s essentially a tool for planning your meals so that you get the maximum nutrition out of your food while consuming the fewest calories possible. In reality, older people are shifting to IF for a healthy and youthful body – only look at Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and others who swear by it. Don’t they look stunning?
Then why not use the internet to gather knowledge and begin fasting right away? The content on the internet is much too dispersed and not tailored to the needs of people in their fifties. The key explanation why people have slow or no effects with intermittent fasting is due to unstructured material.
Don’t let yourself become that person!

“Intermittent Fasting for Women” by Sandra Noble is here to guide you through the process of performing intermittent fasting in the correct way.
And, most of all, this book is written EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN OF ALL AGE RANGES!

Here’s a review of what the book has to offer:

  • A brief overview of what fasting is and how you can achieve it successfully.
  • Different types of fasting and whether or not it is right for you
  • What is the reality behind fasting, and how can weight affect health?
  • How can you incorporate intermittent fasting into the daily routine, and what problems do you anticipate?
  • This also covers food and fasting schedules.
  • A comprehensive list of what to consume and what not to eat
  • How does fasting affect a woman’s body?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of extended fasting.
  • How to properly do intermittent fasting, with tips and tricks.
  • The popular misconceptions about fasting.
  • The relationship between gender and fasting
  • …and much more

Lose a few inches. Let yourself seem younger. Improve your health.

Don’t be concerned! Get rid of excess weight, overflow with good energy, and feel divine in your body regardless of your age!

What are you waiting for?

Change your life for the better.
Scroll up my friend and click ‘Buy now.’

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