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Mastery of the SAUCES (Culinary Library)

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Sauces, Sauce Recipes, Sauce Bible, Sauces for Pasta, Salsas, Chutneys, Hot Sauces, Sauces Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making, the only Sauce Cookbook you will ever need. In the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s Nouvelle cuisine replaced the Haute and Classic cuisine movements with cream and butter replacing meat stocks and rich sauces. Broths, deglazed pans, simple vinaigrettes and sweet and savory purees made sauces lighter and more delicate, under-and-around embracers rather than over-the-top smotherers. Artistic smears across Michelin- starred plates arrived and the Fusion movement gave us dipping sauces before Molecular Gastronomy offered us foams, gels and dehydrated ‘soils’ as sauce replacements. Volume 3 of The Culinary Library, with over 300 recipes, embraces all of these saucy characters, even the quirky ones. For beginners and professional cooks who want to know everything about the world of sauce making this is the ultimate reference and cookbook. Trained at The Cordon Bleu and Elizabeth Russells in London and working as a professional chef in Knightsbridge and Mayfair and as a food lecturer and demonstrator, lends both the weigh of practical and professional experience to this work. The subject of Sauces can be intimidating to cooks but the clear and concise explanations, descriptions and recipes deliver hundreds of classic and modern sauces to your kitchen. More than 300 recipes for sauces ranging from the 5 classic French mother sauces and their derivatives to Asian sauces, dessert sauces, modern sauces, salsas, chutneys, curries, chipotle creams, coconut mint raitas and molecular gastronomy foams and soils to mention but a few. The extensive sauce pairing and recipe chapters help cooks use the sauces to their greatest advantage, partnering meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, pasta, and desserts. Mastery of the Sauces is timeless reference and cookbook essential in any kitchen.Volume 1, Alchemy of the Mortar & Pestle, (#1 on Amazon) Hundreds of recipes for pastes, curries, butters, dips, marinades, flavored oils.Volume 2, Edible Flowers and Leaves,(#4 on Amazon) with recipes for microgreens, edible flowers and baby leaves. Volume 3, Mastery of the Sauces. THE most comprehensive cookbook on Sauces currently on the market with hundreds of recipes from the Classic 5 Mother sauces of French Classical cookery and their derivative sauces to the foams and soil sauce replacements of the molecular gastronomy movement. Volume 4 is on Soups, and Volume 5, Salt & Pepper. Volume 6, The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Eggs due for release in September 2017 ***** 5-star cookbook series.

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