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Mentally Hungry: A Guided Emotional Eating Escape Plan

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Do you turn to sugary junk in times of stress? Learn how to satiate your true inner desires and trade the potato chips for fabulous progress.

Has a healthy diet taken a backseat to your other priorities? Are you tired of feeling sluggish after rewarding yourself with a tasty treat? Have decadent nibbles become a dangerous crutch? Certified health coach, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist, Dr. Kelly Morgan is all too familiar with the soothing nature of emotional eating during turmoil. Now she’s here to show you how to steer cravings away from snacks and toward simple ways of soothing your emotions – without food.

Mentally Hungry: Your Emotional Eating Escape Plan is a judgment-free guide that helps busy women identify the causes of emotional eating and develop smart, productive substitutes. By looking inside and identifying personal triggers, Dr. Morgan reveals the secrets to regaining control of eating patterns. And with a food-positive, lighthearted approach easing you into change, you’ll be excited to ditch the chocolate bar and confidently secure a healthier future.

In Mentally Hungry: Your Emotional Eating Escape Plan, you’ll:

  • Gain awareness of your personal emotional eating triggers and know the proper action to handle your specific problem areas
  • Be able to react to the triggers in a healthy way rather than make food decisions in the moment
  • Create an “if this, then that” action plan for what to do when trigger emotions and situations come up
  • Be able to experience your emotions in a healthy way and deal with them without using food
  • Be able to identify cravings and satisfy them in a smart and healthy way without restriction
  • Have a maintenance plan that keeps emotional eating at bay for good
  • Get inspiration from real-life turnaround stories, tons of practical examples, and much, much more!

Mentally Hungry: Your Emotional Eating Escape Plan is the perfect resource for those wanting to find a better way to feel good. If you like conversational guidance, action-oriented solutions, and small changes that make big differences, then you’ll love Dr. Kelly Morgan’s motivational tool.

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