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Reduce Anxiety Now: 150+ Ways to Lessen Stress and Increase Peace and Serenity

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Learning to reduce anxiety is of crucial importance! concern. According to NAMI An estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults experienced an anxiety disorder during the past year

This publication contains a variety of techniques aimed at reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing happiness, motivation, and self-esteem. Every page of the book contains specific techniques that can be used by almost anyone, at almost any time, and in various circumstances. This publication is geared for anyone who wants to learn techniques to decrease anxiety, increase self-awareness, and generally feel more at ease. Some of the skills such as mindfulness practices will be used frequently, and some such as grounding skills will be used occasionally. The more coping skills you have at your disposal the stronger you will become. All of the skills are evidenced-based and have been used with a wide variety of people who wanted to lessen anxiety and improve their quality of life. Almost all current methods of coping with anxiety and stress are included in this timely book!

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