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Self-Care for Black Women: 7 Powerful Principles to Radically Prioritize your Wellbeing, Embrace Self-Healing & Overcome Daily Struggles with Positive Affirmations

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Start making life happen for you—instead of to you—by caring for someone you have neglected too long—yourself.

Do you feel like you are constantly going through the motions?

Black women can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained by having to fulfill so many conflicting demands.
It can seem like unless you are
giving your absolute all to everyone else—your time, energy, and emotional support—then you are somehow incomplete.

Studies show that black women often feel like they have to live up to unreasonable standards as women, employees, caregivers, and family members. Having to work twice as hard to fight against racial bias, discrimination, and gender inequalities and countless micro-aggressions.

These unrealistic standards can make you feel irritable, anxious, exhausted, and emotionally drained— and worst of all, still live up to reach society’s expectation of beauty and success. The act of self-care has now become crucial to surviving in the modern world today especially for black women

So, if a lack of self-care is causing life to seem more like something to survive rather than savor, then it’s time to make that radical change.

This book is here to share the practical tips you need to overcome the struggles confidently and realistically. Within its pages, you will find:

  • 7 core principles that black women can embrace to achieve better physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.
  • How to exercise emotional self-care, set healthy boundaries, and harness the power of mindfulness and positivity.
  • How to unpack and heal childhood trauma and rely on healthy coping mechanisms
  • 5 myths about spirituality you can eliminate from your life while exploring and leveraging the benefits of spiritual self-care.
  • The power of community—how to find your own and nurture your relationships.
  • The challenges for black women at work and how to overcome them through smart boundary setting.
  • The keys to environmental self-care—how to create a healthy environment that will enable you to thrive, focus, and feel a beautiful sense of peace.
  • Uplifting Positive affirmations that will remind you of the power and confidence you have within.

Self-care is the current buzzword in the wellness sector, but when it comes to black women, it is sorely in neglect… and it has been so for many years.

Well, A Crown of Beauty: Self-Care for Black Women invites you to reconnect with your cultural roots, understand the obstacles black women face, and utilize powerful strategies that will empower you to reclaim your right to self-kindness, self-care, and self-love.

If you are ready to prioritize your physical, mental, and spiritual health and are willing to stop living to fulfill everyone’s needs except your own, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.

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