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Struggling with God: Mental Health and Christian Spirituality: Foreword by Justin Welby

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‘Remarkably beautiful and pastoral’ JUSTIN WELBY, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY

‘Brimming with wisdom and humanity’ DAME SARAH MULLALLY, DBE, BISHOP OF LONDON

Struggling with God gets right to the heart of a great predicament for many Christians. When it feels as if our struggles are overwhelming – and our capacity for faith and hope and love is diminished – how is it possible to maintain, never mind nourish, our relationship with God?

The truth, as this deeply compassionate volume reminds us, is that Jesus came alongside people wrestling with mental health problems. Many familiar conditions, such as anxiety and depression, and more severe ones, including bipolar affective disorder and schizophrenia, are addressed by the authors here. Dispelling common myths and misconceptions, they explore the impact such mental health disorders can have on individual Christians, Church and society..

Each chapter includes biblical reflections relevant to its theme, prayers, questions to facilitate individual/group study, and pointers to further reading. In short, the book presents a Christian vision of spiritual and mental wellbeing through prayerful struggling with God.

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