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The Body Effect: Discover what’s triggering your cravings and belly fat. Reveal your unique path to lasting weight loss.

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Get Rid Of Cravings And Reach Your Dream Weight Without Dieting.

What if you got rid of cravings altogether and naturally wanted healthy foods? Imagine not just losing weight, but easily sustaining it; feeling fabulous in your favourite clothes again.

Bestselling author, Dawn Cuckow, presents the eye-opening findings of years of research into weight loss. Based on hundreds of scientific studies and real life clients, combined with her degree in nutritional therapy, she answers the question: What are the secrets to lasting weight loss?

Having previously struggled for many years with disordered eating and bulimia, Dawn has now been completely free from cravings for over quarter of a century. She believes that food is meant to be enjoyed and eating healthily does not mean depriving yourself. In this book she shares her customisable, step-by-step, anti-diet method that her clients use to reduce and eliminate cravings, reclaim their energy and create their unique path to lasting weight loss.

Inside, you will discover:

  • Why willpower doesn’t work long term (and what DOES).
  • Why it’s not your fault if you struggle to lose weight and how to make it so much easier.
  • Quizzes to reveal what’s triggering YOUR cravings, overeating and belly fat.
  • How to stop your hormones from blocking your weight loss.
  • Why belly fat is a protection and survival mechanism and how to let your body know to release it.
  • How to stop your gut bacteria from sabotaging your healthy eating.
  • Why you may be extracting additional calories from your food and how to change this.
  • Why your appetite regulation system isn’t working and how to realign it so you naturally eat the amount you need.
  • Simple strategies to eliminate cravings that you wouldn’t think of. (One takes just a few seconds.)
  • Why it’s not just about the calories and what you really need to shift those stubborn pounds.
  • How to target the real reasons behind your unwanted weight gain and finally lose the weight for good. (Even if nothing else has worked.)
  • How to work WITH your body rather than fighting against it.
  • A key reason your weight loss plateaus and how fixing this protects your long term health.
  • How to give your body’s fat regulation system what it needs to let go of excess weight.
  • How to find and flip the switches unique to YOUR body to enable lasting weight loss.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be such a struggle. When you crush the cravings and the desire to overeat; when you change the internal messages in your body so it no longer holds onto fat, you lose weight for good.

Buy this book NOW to get rid of cravings and discover your unique path to lasting weight loss!

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“All I can say is WOW! I am one that has tried losing weight and failed several times. After reading this book, now I know it’s because I never really understood my own body.” Charmaine Marie (Verified Review)

“Must read for anyone ready to stop yo-yo dieting and lose the weight forever!” – Libby Wilson M.D., Co-author, The Path Of Intention (Verified Review)

“Finally! The answer to the mystery!” – Leslie Lindsay Davis, Author, You Can’t Eat Love, (Verified Review)

“This book will be a game changer” – L Carter (Verified Review)

“I thoroughly recommend and believe this book can be life-changing for so many. Knowledge is power and this book has empowered me to get my body healthy and working for me.” – Nikki

“Easy to read and implement” – Cara Harvey (Verified Review)

“Great health hacks and knowledge if you have a hard time losing weight” – CL Piper (Verified Review)

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