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The Diabetes DTOUR Diet: The Revolutionary New Food Cure

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In just 6 weeks, you can…

– Bring your blood sugar into balance
– Make those extra pounds disappear
– Send your energy soaring
– And you can do it all with food!

Not just any food, but undeniably delicious food featuring the Fat-Fighting 4. This awesome foursome–fiber, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3s–is the secret to healthy, sustainable weight loss and optimal blood sugar control. Research proves it!

But how can you be sure you’re getting enough of these supernutrients? It’s easy on The Diabetes DTOUR Diet. Just follow the day-by-day plan, and in 6 short weeks, you’ll be saying hello to a thinner, fitter, healthier you.

DTOUR is tailored to the unique weight-loss needs of those with high blood sugar. Whether you have prediabetes or diabetes–or you want to avoid them–this plan can help you succeed.

Stop…fretting over calories, carbs, and fat. DTOUR does the counting for you. All you need to do is eat and enjoy!

Yield…to the temptation of French toast, quesadillas, spaghetti and meatballs–even ice cream and pudding!

Go…for weight-loss success with daily tips and tools to keep you motivated and on track

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