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Toolkit for Wellness: Master Your Health and Stress Response for Life (Designed for Health)

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Tired of feeling frustrated about starting new, “healthy” habits? Do thepromises you make to yourself on January 1st become distant reminders of failure byJanuary 15th?

Toolkit for Wellness will shed light on why you are NOTa failure and will give you the tools for assured success in improved health,reduced stress response—and an actual, doable, habitchanging process that willrevolutionize your approach to life itself! By employing Deidre’s Easy TweaksMethod, you will rock at living an antiinflammatory life inside and out.

Toolkit for Wellness will enable you to achieve the health you long for throughunderstanding and applying the concepts behind:

  • Tweaking Habits
  • Maintaining Change Easily
  • Nutrient Dense Foods
  • AntiinflammatoryEating
  • Great Gut Health
  • Quick Workouts at Home

Armed witha new view of how foods are broken down by and react with the body, readers will be ableto apply these principles right away for immediate improvements in their health andwellbeing. This book will show you that you already have everything you need toachieve the health you were designed to have.

Your questions aboutPaleo, Glutenfree, Whole Food, and Elimination Diets will be answered! You will learn ifthese are passing trends, and how they may contribute to improved health or not.

Based on her Designed for Health Seminars, Deidre Edwards wroteToolkit for Wellness to provide a single, concise resource that hands you thetools you need to take a positive first step toward regaining your health—and shows you how to keep doing it day after day!

This is youranswer for stopping that downwardspiraling stress response, starting daily habit’tweaks’ that will revolutionize your life and health, easily exercising at home, andremoving the confusion about what is good to eat and why.

Based upon theconcept of an antiinflammatory approach to eating, Toolkit for Wellness will explainthe science behind what to eat and even gives you basic recipes to get you started ona lifelong journey into abundant health.

Don’t delay! Your improvedhealth and wellness is a breath, a meal, a movement away! Start today!

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