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Weight, Fat Loss: The Forbidden Secret to Weight Loss, What No One Else Is Telling You. Based On Weight Loss Research.

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Struggle with weight loss no more! Understand the difference between WEIGHT and FAT loss – The real reason the number on the scale won’t budge but ALSO the reason your health and fitness FALLS instead of rising up when you go on a diet. Weight, Fat Loss talks about losing weight with the correct fulfilling diet and minimal exercise!

Tested and approved by a panel of nutritionists and doctors, based on the formula that improves health and fitness instead of losing energy and hair along with the pounds. Weight, Fat Loss explains why diets like keto and other fad diets are not sustainable and stop working in the long run. Its clearly laid out steps are easy to follow with the fitness resource kit provided inside.

Stop, and back away from the appetite-suppressing lollipop!

With research-based evidence and breakthrough results, Dr. Maria H. has developed this comprehensive guide that explains in detail about calorie requirements tailored to YOUR body and activity level. Learn about how protein can completely transform your just weight loss journey into a fat loss, lean muscle gain, and fitness journey. This book will have you discovering The How, The Help, and The Halt of losing fat and keeping it off for good.

Dr. Maria H. has done the heavy lifting of wading through the abundance of information (and misinformation) surrounding diet management and used her scientific background to pinpoint the proven steps for successful weight loss. Weight, Fat Loss presents the program that is based on everyday resources to ensure desired results.

Start your final weight loss journey today as this book shares with you the secret to:

  • Clearly navigate the 3 phases of weight loss (The How – getting started, The Help – active weight loss, and The Halt – the phase where your weight gets stuck) alongside in-depth explanations and solutions.
  • Understand the untold and super important facts about how our bodies burn calories.
  • What proportion of Macronutrients does your body actually requires to lose fat.
  • Tools like, ‘The best fitness App’ you need to set off on this fitness journey.
  • Understand the potential of “PROTEIN’ to upgrade your health and fitness.
  • Bust myths about TRX, Weight training, and other major exercises to determine which fitness activities will work best for you.

Once you become part of #TheLeanyBeanMovement, you’ll receive that exclusive resource kit which includes a progress tracker, and guide to the right tools and products to accomplish each of your fitness milestones.

Transform your health with Weight, Fat Loss today!

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