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Whole Woman Health: A Guide to Creating Wellness for Any Age and Stage

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Get the whole picture of your healthiest life.

Decades of listening to and caring for women have given Carrie Levine, certified nurse midwife and Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner, a collective women’s wisdom. Share in that wisdom with Whole Woman Health, the definitive introductory guide to functional medicine for women. With Levine’s comprehensive and empathic guidance, you can easily apply the principles of functional medicine to your life and learn to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Divided into two intuitive sections, Whole Woman Health first helps you gain an understanding of the key principles of functional medicine before exploring the seven core processes of the Functional Medicine Matrix. As you explore the Nodes of the Matrix, you’ll recognise how factors like stress, diet, and trauma affect your daily health and wellbeing. Informed by her diverse roster of patients at her Whole Woman Health clinic, Levine shares stories of women encountering the health roadblocks that stump so many of us—and charts their whole path forward toward healing and happiness.

Tap into the medicine of “why” instead of the medicine of “what” with Levine’s customizable, expert guidance. Experience the benefits of integrating science and intuition through a functional medicine approach to your health and wellbeing.

Don’t wait until you’re sick to take care of yourself. It’s time to live your whole, healthiest life.

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