Don’t brush your teeth after breakfast

After getting up, there is a question puzzling many people: eat breakfast first, or brush your teeth first? First eat, mouth taste heavy, some no appetite; After brushing my teeth, I felt that my teeth were not clean after dinner.

We brush our teeth daily, one is to remove food particles in the mouth, the other is to remove bacteria in the mouth. Bacterial reproduction speed is very fast, especially at night when sleeping, can inhibit the secretion of bacterial salivary enzymes than in the day greatly reduced, leading to the morning of the amount of bacteria in the mouth astonishing. Bacteria produced within the time between brushing teeth can form new plaque 12 hours later and further contribute to tooth decay and periodontal disease. The main purpose of brushing your teeth in the morning is to “drive” bacteria out of your mouth before plaque matures. So, brushing your teeth before and after breakfast makes little difference to the average person.

One caveat: Studies have shown that tartar reacts with sugars left in the mouth after eating, creating acids that can corrode teeth and cause cavities. What’s more, acidic substances form very quickly after eating. Accordingly, already had decayed tooth or the person that grows decayed tooth easily, had better brush one’s teeth after breakfast again. The patient that has periodontitis, after getting up, had better brush one’s teeth clean bacterium first, eat breakfast again next, after meal good gargle, clear food residue.