Stash may be the investing app for a beginner

by Mayra
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Stash may be the investing app for a beginner

For beginners who want the freedom to choose their automated investment options, Stash is the best choice.With Stash Invest, users can Invest in thousands of securities of any amount.Fees start at $1, which can be higher than what other apps charge for small balances.

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Stash is a micro-investment platform that offers a variety of individual stock and ETF investment options. Each investment on Stash’s platform can be invested in a small amount of equity up to 1%. Stash offers “themed” ETFs, which make it easy to understand what securities the fund is bundled with.

Stash offers a “Portfolio Builder” ETF Portfolio designed to meet each investor’s specific risk level. The platform also allows you to automatically reinvest any dividends earned. You can use this feature for any of your Stash investments, retirement or escrow accounts.

Some of the individual stock prices can be very expensive, and with Stash, you can buy any number of piecemeal shares in these companies, called piecemeal shares. Sectional stocks are a good choice for investors who don’t have a lot of money to invest but still want to own top-tier stocks and ETFs.

Stash Invest is a new app that allows investors to start investing with $5, while picking stocks in themed based investments around wants.

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