Nope, there’s no typo in “veggan.” While you undoubtedly know, vegans (one g) are individuals who don’t eat any animal products whatsoever: No meat, fish, dairy, eggs-even honey is not allowed.

But veggans? They’re vegans who eat eggs.

This movement within a movement seems to be gaining steam. Searching for?#veggan?on Instagram yields more than 5,000 posts. Many are recipes, though some, while you might’ve guessed, are vegans ranting against veggans, usually in most CAPS.

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So what’s the story with?veggans?

“As people be interested and conscious of how food affects both their own health along with the environment, plant-based diets, including veganism, have become increasingly popular and mainstream,” Alissa Rumsey, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told Yahoo Health. “Veganism might be appealing to people, however, many find that it is too restrictive.”

So if you are worried about getting enough protein, the veggan diet could?be a better?choice for you. Food writer Vicky Anne Hadley had been?eating veggan for 2 years before she realized it had been a thing. When?the?Daily Mail?quoted her in?a tale concerning the veggan trend, she told her?Instagram followers, “I such as the vegan diet but I work out a great deal and wish to get enough protein in my diet and so i also sometimes eat eggs when i enjoy them.”

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Of course, vegans reason that there are many ways to eat?protein without eating animal products-from chickpeas to quinoa to nut butters. But regardless of how you?obtain the essential nutrient, it’s fun to speculate about the next trendy group: #seagans?