You do not believe that you are eligible for life insurance

by Mayra
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You do not believe that you are eligible for life insurance

Once you no longer need to provide support for your family, you want to provide protection for their future.This is what everyone does.Life insurance gives you peace of mind and your family will be taken care of after you leave your hometown.However, you are also concerned about your health which means that you will not be eligible for life insurance as this only applies to healthy people.So what would you do?

Don’t be disappointed, there is quality life insurance for you!Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, mental health problems, kidney or liver problems, or almost any other health condition, you can enjoy life insurance!

According to the Life Happens study, about 85% of consumers agree that most people need life insurance, but only 59% actually have it.Why?Let’s look at the facts.Some people may not have life insurance or are not eligible for life insurance for many reasons, including:

• recent heart disease

• heart disease before age 50

• any recent major disease (cancer, liver, kidney problems)

• significant mental health problems (such as suicidal attempts)

• kidney and / or liver disease

• mistakenly assuming that they would not qualify

Surprised at the last point?You are not alone.Many people in the United States mistakenly believe that they are not eligible for life insurance and, therefore, never attempt to obtain insurance.We are here to put an end to the mythology that only healthy people can obtain life insurance.

We are here to put an end to the mythology that only healthy people can obtain life insurance.In fact, almost any health history can be guaranteed.The right company can provide you with affordable insurance even if you are dealing with any of the issues listed above.Take a man in his 40’s, who had a serious heart attack in his 40’s, and when rejected elsewhere, we were able to find a company to insure him.

Another good example is mental health problems, where consumers with emotional disorders and / or multi drug depression are often unable to obtain insurance.However, the underwriting department of each company needs to meet unique needs, so a person who has been rejected for many times due to emotional disorder recently can obtain permanent insurance because his work is stable and his mental health problems do not affect his daily life.

If you are dealing with a health condition, the life-insurance company would like to see that you are working to improve or maintain your health appropriately.Therefore, if you are over 50, have a heart attack and have been cured for several years, you are eligible for life insurance.If you control diabetes through food and medicine, you are eligible to participate.If you maintain mental health and lead a normal life through medication, you are eligible to participate.Basically, following the doctor’s instructions, you are more likely to meet the conditions.This means being able to obtain financial protection through life insurance that your loved ones need and deserve.

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